Cyber Security Snapshot

A high-level executive friendly snapshot of your current cyber security health.

We pride ourselves on providing results that everyone can understand; whether you’re a tech professional or a non-IT business owner, our Snapshot will provide easy-to-digest, actionable findings presented by knowledgeable cyber security professionals.

Network – Knowing Your Network

With our Cyber Security Snapshot, you’ll get a thorough breakdown of your organization’s existing cyber security capabilities and identify areas of improvement. This service is perfect for businesses & organizations that don’t currently have an in-house cybersecurity team.

Data – Protecting Data in Transit

EZ Solutions also provides peace of mind through customized solutions designed with YOUR business’ needs in mind. Our experienced team of professionals will work directly with your organization to ensure maximum safety when dealing with digital data.

Devices – Securing Devices and Data

Our Snapshot is tailored to meet each Client’s specific needs while striving to maintain top-tier security standards. Say goodbye to cyberattacks and weak protection – our team of tech specialists is here to help secure your data and technologies from hackers around the world.

Identities – Protecting Identities

Our Cyber Security Snapshot will give you peace of mind when it comes to securing your environment. You’ll get a comprehensive evaluation of your current security setup, a tailored report on vulnerabilities and fixes, and an implementation plan to ensure your system remains secure in the future.

Awareness – Security Awareness Training

Assessing your current needs for Security Awareness Training (SAT) within your organization.

Our knowledgeable team of security professionals is here to answer all your queries, with helpful insights designed to give your staff the confidence they need to stay alert and vigilant in the face of cyber threats.

Insurance – Cyber Attack Insurance

A high-level review of your exposure to current cyber attack insurance coverage eligibility and whether you may be denied coverage for your upcoming renewal.

Cyber insurance organizations are now denying coverage based on insufficient cyber security protections.

Dark Web – Your Dark Web Compromise Report

Our Cyber Security Snapshot provides an easy and affordable way to get a snapshot of your current risk level of compromised data on the dark web. Our dark web compromise report will give a deep insight into potential cyber threats that could affect you or your business.

Email & Web – Email Exposure to Spoofing

Our Cyber Security Snapshot allows you to understand exactly how vulnerable your emails are to malicious cyber attacks such as spoofing. An alarming number of businesses have reported incidents of their emails being exploited by cybercriminals who used spoofing techniques. 

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